SSD Hosting For DB Applications
Running a large blog, e-commerce store, or custom application requires a lot of database input and output (I/O). As your site gets more popular and traffic starts to grow, your hard drives will start getting more and more concurrent I/O requests. During peak viewing times, the amount of I/O requests can slow down the recall of information from your database. This is especially true for sites on traditional "spinning media" disk drives. The physical limitations of spinning hard disks and the mechanical head restricts the amount of information that can be requested at a given time.

This is where our new SSD Hosting is superior. With a lack of moving parts, data transfer is only restricted by the speed of the network (which is why our shared servers are already on blazingly 100 MBPS networks). We've benchmarked our SSDs against mechanical hard disks and, as expected, SSDs massively out perform hard disk drives on I/O transfer.

Our SSD Shared Hosting Plans starts from 2$ Per month You can check the plans here :

ur SSD Reseller Hosting Plans starts from 5$ Per Month You can check the Plans here : 
Server Configuration & Features :

Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v4
24 GB RAM 
100% Pure SSD Storage 
100 MBPS Network
Full DDOS Protection
Germany Server
Remote Backup
Cloudlinux Optimized
CageFS Hacker Protection
PHP Selector & Custom PHP.INI
cPanel/WHM Control Panel Access
Softaculous,Site Builder & More..

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

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